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Guide to the sciences: basics, history, botany, periodic table, famous people involved in the sciences, environment, and more!

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You may contact a librarian by clicking on the Ask a Librarian link and completing the form

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Article Summary Paper assignments for Geology and Environmental Science courses are found by clicking on the blue Assignments tab.  Choose the course you are enrolled in from the drop-down list of courses.

Next, you will see a web page for your course assignments.

Each page will give you:

  • assignment objectives
  • article choices (pre-selected by your instructor for the article summary paper)
  • step by step directions
  • handouts
  • tutorials

The directions on this page will mirror the directions provided by your instructor on eCampus.

For other research assignments:

The BOOKS & eBOOKS tab will help you find and offer tips on using print, reference and online books. 

The DATABASES tab will give you the BEST databases for finding information on almost ANY topic! 

The WEB SITES tab gives you links to recommended web sites on this topic, including major associations.


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